2K Epoxy Primer Multi-Prime with Zinc Phosphate


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2K Epoxy Primer

Multi-Prime 2K epoxy primer by Multi-mix. This Epoxy primer is mixed 4:1 with MULTI-CURE Epoxy Hardener. Ready to spray.



  • Good drying times.
  • Can be baked for 40/50 minutes at 60 degrees followed by a 1 hour cool down time.
  • Easy to sand.
  • Anti-corrosive properties, with Zinc phosphate
  • Can be applied on to bare metals to include steel, stainless steel, aluminium and good adhesion to GRP.
  • Great weather resistance
  • Overcoat window of 72 hours however, if the substrate is to be left over this time, lightly sand the surface and bake to remove any traces of moisture in the top layer of the epoxy.
  • 1.25L & 5L kits come with hardener


Does 2K epoxy primer need an etch primer?

Multi-Prime 2K Epoxy primer does not need an etch primer on most metals including aluminium. The perfect base for basecoat.

Can 2K epoxy primer be used over blasted steel?

2K epoxy primer should be applied within 4 hours of blasting steel. This helps ensure no moisture and / or corrosion are on the metal prior to painting. Always wear gloves when handling bare steel prior to painting.

What mix ratio is 2K epoxy primer with the hardener?

2K epoxy primer is a 4:1 mix base:hardener.

How many coats do I need to do of 2K epoxy primer to work?

always use two full coats of 2K epoxy primer when coating bare metals.

What type of gun should i use to apply 2K epoxy primer?

We recommend a HVLP type gun, and use a 1.6>1.8 tip when spraying 2K epoxy primer.

What is the drying time / flash off time for 2K epoxy primer?

For 2K epoxy primer the flash-off time is 5 minutes (between coats) and the drying time is 30 minutes prior to baking to a cure. Hard dry is around 6 hours, apply slight heat where possible to assist the cure. For baking in a booth force dry for 30>40 minutes @ 60>70 Degree's celcius.

How do I WOW (wet on wet) 2K Epoxy Primer?

To use as a wet on wet mix 4:1 10-20% P4 thinner and apply 1 single coat over bare metal. Bake for 30 minutes at 60 degrees and then allow to cool down. When fully cold lightly scotch or sand smooth and overcoat with P1 primer or MULTI-BASE/MULTI-CRYL

What is the handling time for 2K Epoxy Primer?

Allow for up to a 1 hour cool down time before sanding otherwise primer may drag a little when sanding.

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2K Epoxy Primer

2K Epoxy Primer Multi-Prime with Zinc Phosphate


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