Aerosol Nozzles MEGA PACK 20x

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Full Selection of nozzles x20


Consists of 

2x Unblocker Nozzles

6x LVLP wide fan nozzles

6x medium flow fan nozzles

6x very high flow round nozzles

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Superb for covering large areas from an aerosol. Similar in use to a LVLP (Low Volume Low Pressure) spray gun.

Recommended for when the job needs to be done faster, in less coats, or to increase film build from the aerosol.

Will work with all products, however this is a higher output nozzle. Move the aerosol faster, cover areas faster, and lay more product down.

Also great for unblocking or a backup nozzle due to its high flow characteristics.

Recommended products.

RCP – Rust Control Primer

CIO – Chassis In One

FXLiner – Bedliner/ raptor type product in an aerosol

Rust Encapsulator – Fast Cure, high adhesion corrosion stabiliser

Buzzweld1 (particularly when using a texture)

Not recommended for.

Chassis Black Gloss Extreme

VHT products

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Aerosol Nozzles MEGA PACK 20x