Chassis Paint Black CIO

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Chassis Paint Aerosol CIO 400ML with variable nozzle head


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Product Description

Chassis Paint Black CIO

Targeted at our customers who want a simple, medium term (up to 10 years estimated) solution for protection of Chassis and Underbody compared to our extreme 4 coat dual product system.

Buzzweld CIO is a high adhesion Corrosion modifying primer and top coat in one.

Buzzweld CIO system requires just two coats to protect your chassis (brush/ schutz applied, more for other application methods)



  1. Contains self-leafing glass flake for extreme abrasion resistance compared to standard coatings.
  2. Contains a corrosion inhibiting pigment for class leading, rust prevention by stabilising corrosion to a lower reacting form
  3. Over coating times are as little as 15 minutes, meaning no breaks required between coats in most situations.
  4. Designed from the ground up for hand prepared steel.
  5. Primer, and top coat in one. You save significant amounts of time and money with this system that will still outlast most competing systems.
  6. Satin finish for oem look.
  7. Suitable for over-painting firmly adherent existing rust.
  8. Chemically modifies rust over time.


Does Chassis Paint Black CIO need a primer?

Chassis Paint Black CIO is self priming, and needs no primer or etch primer when applied to cast steel, or mild steel. Keyed stainless and aluminium also need no primer.

Can Chassis Paint Black CIO go over rust?

Chassis Paint Black CIO can be applied over rust that has been prepared (descaled, dry, and firmly adherant corrosion). When over coating rust you must apply a stripe coat, and then your coats of Chassis Black Paint.

Should I use a rust converter before applying Chassis Paint Black CIO?

Chassis Paint Black CIO does a full spectrum Magnetite conversion. There is no benefit to using a converter that will only do at best a pherric conversion. In short using a converter underneath CIO will actually downgrade the protection offered.

What finish does Chassis Paint Black CIO leave?

Chassis Paint Black CIO once dry leaves a touch, satin / matt oem look finish, that is both tough, non porous & scratch resistant.

Can i use Chassis Paint Black CIO as a top coat, or over existing paint?

Chassis Paint Black CIO can be used over solvent tolerant primers such as Rust Encapsulator, 2K epoxy, and most good quality primers. It will also top coat almost all existing coatings except some cheaper "ebay" type synthetics, that will not tolerate being top coated generally. You can use CIO on rusty metal, prepared metal, existing painted surfaces, and more.

What otehr combinations of paint can i use with Chassis Paint Black CIO?

You can use it by itself, you can top coat it with Underbody preservation, or Lanolin Chassis Guard, as well as using it over Rust encapsulator, and over WAR. most of our coating systems are compatible,.

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Aerosol 400ml, Schutz Tin 1000ml, Tin 1000ml, Tin 15,000ml, Tin 5000ml

TINT Colour

Satin / Matt Black

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Chassis Paint Black CIO

Chassis Paint Black CIO

£14.50£300.00 (-9%)

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