FXLiner 1k Crossmember & bumper refurbishing kit

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TOUGH Corrosion stabilistaion kit for bumpers

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This Kit includes an Aerosol of Rust Encapsulator, and FXLiner 1k, Our Super tough Smooth Bedliner.

This kit will allow you to refinish everything from rusty crossmembers, to bumpers and powder coated winch bumpers and rock sliders.

Kit Includes.

1x 400ML Heavy Load Rust Encapsulator Aerosol for stabilising existing corrosion.

1x FXLiner Black satin smooth Aerosol to provide a hard, and durable top coat.


You can Achieve a smooth finish with light coats, or a slight texture if you lay FXLiner on a little heavier. Allow Rust Encapsulator to dry for 4 Hours prior to top coat with FXLiner.

Use one Kit per rock slider, for Tuber sliders you may require more than one kit.

  1. Remove loose rust and existing paint
  2. Use Buzzweld Purge to clean the prepared surface of contaminants (included in kit) with a suitable cloth/scour and then wipe clean.
  3. Mask off and protect all surrounding areas and equipment
  1. using a steady motion spray from side to side until the first coat of RCP primer has fully covered the item. Leave until touch dry (10>30 minutes typically), and apply the second coat.
  2. Leave item to cure for 1>2 hours until product has hardened (in low temperatures, or poor ventilation this time can increase considerably)
  3. As above with the RE use the top coat finishing aerosol to apply your first coat. Allow to touch dry for 5>20 minutes depending on conditions before applying your final top coat. 
Note. Should the finish become contaminated with debris, or dust simply allow the finish to cure and lightly refinish with 240 grit wet and dry. Re apply once flat and dry.
  1. Rust Encapsulator Aerosol Primer
  2. Your chosen top coat aerosol

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FXLiner 1k Crossmember & bumper refurbishing kit