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Fxliner Bedliner Paint- Tough, easy to use, and lasts.

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Fxliner Bedliner Paint

FxLiner is our Bedliner Paint that is fully customisable for use in almost any area. As a standard bedliner coating with no extra’s FxLiner is tough, durable, and easy to use. Customising the coating allows you to tailor this awesome product for your purposes and budget. We would recommned using FxLiner in the following area

  1. Bodywork for tough durable finishes such as agricultural and military vehicles- Combines great with the metallic option to just add a hint of colour / shading on edges.
  2. Bed lining, load lining, and trailers for long lasting protective coatings- We like to use the glass flake for maximum durability.
  3. Interior for sound / thermal insulation as well as keeping a nice appearance -Adding the sound/ thermal additive is a great way to improve the look and make the interior a nicer place to be!
  4. Chassis and underbody coating- Use the flex option to reduce the risk of chipping and cracking.


How long after i activate the 2K bedliner aerosol until it sets in the can and can't be used anymore?

The paints set as follows. Fxliner bedliner 2K aerosol this is around 4 days. Upol Raptor Bed Liner paint aerosol it is around 1 hour.

What is the difference between FxLiner Bedliner and Upol Raptor bedliner?

Upol Raptor Bedliner is the original bedliner we sell. FxLiner is our own version that you can fully customise. In standard form both are very comparable with great scratch resistance, durability and quality of product.

Whats the difference between 1K bedliner paint and 2K bed liner?

The 1K Bedliner paint we offer is only in aerosol. Very easy to use so you just shake the aerosol and spray it. Its slightly less durable but alot better than a normal paint. 2K bedliner protective paints are high in solids, are thicker, cover better, and are more expensive. However once they are mixed they begin to set

Will Bedliner paint stand up to oil spills, and fuel?

Fxliner Bedliner and upol Raptor Bedliner will withstand most harsh environments and reasonable chemical exposures. Standard oils and fuels do not affect the coating.

How long between coats for Bedliner paint?

FxLiner Bedliner and Upol Raptor Bedliner paints cure about the same speed. We would recommend you use the fingerprint test to check for cure. If you cannot mark the paint with your finger print, but its still "soft" you can put the next coat on. If the paint has hard cured, then we recommend you dull it off with a surface abrasive pad before applying the next coat of paint so it bonds correctly.

What colours can you do in Bedliner paint?

We can do almost any colour you want, even metallics. We ask that you put as much information in the box when ordering, such as colour code, name & manufacturer. any problem's one of our team will give you a call.

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1000ml Schutz Kit, 1K 400ML Aerosol, 2K 400ML aerosol

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FxLiner Bedliner Paint

Fxliner Bedliner Paint


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