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Interior & Exterioir High grade emulsion for house painting


Product Description

House Paint that’s so addicitive

Using a custom blend our house paint with an over specified binder, and the highest quality colours, InHouse is perfect for almost all jobs from redecorating homes, commercial premises, to workshop walls & more. Reducing costs of time & money by using less coats, no primer, and amazing coverage. Choose our House paint for your next project!

InHouse house paint doesn’t lend itself to needing multiple supporting products to get a great finish

  • Wide Spectrum Algaecide & Fungicide
  • Wipe Clean / washable paint
  • Dirt Pickup resistant
  • Durable
  • Weatherproofing
  • Excellent filling properties
  • Elegant Matt Low Sheen finish
  • Self Priming – No Primer required on porous surfaces
  • Suitable for kitchens, Ceilings, Bathrooms, Masonry,
  • Long-Life coating for Plaster, Cement, Concrete, Wood
  • Thick & Creamy consistency that brushes out well
  • Suitable for Brush / Roller / Spray Colour –

 Product advice

  1. Preparation Remove dirt and grease Remove loose / flaky material.
  2. Scotch / sand existing shiny, or “sheen” finishes for maximum adhesion Application –
  3. Stir product prior to use. -Two coats is best for even coverage, allow to become touch dry, and fully cured (typically 2>3 hours) between coats
  • Coverage 7 m2/litre
  • VOC 5 20 g/litre (varies with colour)
  • Solids 30 ± 2 (varies with colour)

Drying Times
Applied to 45 microns DFT 10oC 23oC
Dust Free 45 min 30 min
Hard Dry 3 hr 2 hr
Minimum 3 hr 2 hr
Maximum Indefinite if clean and sound
Drying and recoating times are related to the film thickness, temperature, the relative
humidity of the air and ventilation

Additional Information


Any Colour, Dark Green 2280U, Pantone Bright Red C, Pantone Brown 404C, Pantone Brown 7553C, Pantone-Grey 4291C, Pastel Green 4205, Yellow 012 C, Yellow 0131 C


4000 ML, 8000 ML

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House paint - InHouse Interior & Exterior

House paint - InHouse Interior & Exterior


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