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We have a whole bunch of Aerosols from testing, development, duplicate, and even replacement orders.

So we have piles of Aerosols LABELLED. Its not worth us going through them all double checking if the labels match the contents some are labelled on lids and could be incorrectly labelled etc, so we have throw them all in a box, thrown in premium Aerosols like CIO, WAR etc, and by purchasing one of these we draw from that box until depleted.

If that box is depleted we move on to the shelf.


Products Included (not limited to)

  • products loaded into aerosols but labelled wrong (you may have a HDGLoss aerosol, that was loaded with Zero Prep for example)
  • Products that were not launched. (a whole batch of war that is a bit glossy is mixed into this dip).
  • Premium off the shelf items have been added to increase odds and variety.
  • Correctly labelled aerosols that are old labelling, aerosol design, or previous version product.
  • Part used products

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