Plastic Paint


Durable plastic paint, with no need to use a primer. Available in a gloss or matt sheen finish offering an easy to use, long lasting coating. One of our most versatile paints.


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Plastic Paint

Our plastic paint (Plastics In One aka PIO uses a special blend to allow you to apply a durable coating to most difficult surfaces, without using a primer. PIO is specifically blended to rejuvenate, protect and recolour plastics, rubber, vinyl, and more. You can use our plastic paint on the following typical item (*and more):-

  • Plastics (Hard & Soft)
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminium
  • Powdercoat
  • Existing Painted surfaces
  • Stainless Steel

Here are some useful idea’s on items that PIO Plastic Paint is amazing for :-

  • Reconditioning tyres, blacking them, and protecting them from UV.
  • Recolouring and restoring powder coated items that have often faded such as bumpers and brackets
  • Recolouring interiors, such as steering wheels, headlining, door cards, dashboards, even seats
  • Assisting with a leather interior change. such as installing black leather interior, and using PIO to paint the door cards and existing trims to match.
  • Refinishing modular wheels and tyres at the same time painting both assembled items together.
  • Using our range of XR top coats to add effects over your painted surfaces.

Available in

  1. 400ML aerosol. pre coloured ready to go.
  2. 1000ML TIn. Ready to apply. Use a 1 > 1.4mm tip no thinning required ready to spray.


Do I need a primer for this plastic paint?

NO!. PIO (Plastics In One) Plastic paint does not need a primer. abraid the surface following a clean and apply. that's it! the easiest plastic paint to use!

Do I need to use plastic primer first?

No. for Buzzweld Plastic paint you do not use any primer for plastics.

Tell me something you can do with Plastic paint that I didn't know

You can paint your tyres, and the paint won't peel off. it will outlast existing nourishment & oil based products. You could even colour your tyres.

Can i apply Plastic Paint over other paints?

YES! you can use Plastic paint over rust encapsulator primer, over powder coated items and most other paints.

  1. Remove all grease, dirt and contamination. We recommend Fxdegreaser for cleaning.
  2. Abraid/ key the area to be coated- we recommend using a surface abrasive pad, or flexible sanding pad.
  3. Apply 2 or more coats to effect desired finish.
  4. Allow to cure for 30 minutes before handing, and overnight before product installation/ usage.
  5. If aerosol, invert the can and spray for a few seconds to clear the paint from the nozzle.

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Additional Information


Aerosol 400ml, Tin 1000ml


Any Colour, Black 6 C, Blue 072 C, Blue 0821 C, Cream 7401 C, Dark Green 2280U, Light Pink 236 C, Mid Green 7732 C, Pantone Bright Red C, Pantone Brown 404C, Pantone Brown 7553C, Pantone-Grey 4291C, Pastel Green 4205, Purple 2425 C, RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow, RAL 9010 Pure White, Red 0331, Warm Gray 7 C, Yellow 012 C, Yellow 0131 C

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