T-wash, Galv prep, Mordant Solution 1000ml

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Twash To prepare new galvanised finish for painting.

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T-wash, Galv prep, Mordant Solution for preparing Galvanised steel for painting.

  • High quality acid formula “etches” the Coating prior to painting.
  • Allows most paints to be used direct to a new galvanised chassis such as CIO Chassis In One
  • Simplifies Galv Prep using an acid based Mordant Solution

How to T-Wash a galvanised Chassis / Galv Prep

  1. Clean the chassis with FxDegreaser, and rinse with fresh, clean water after, allowing to dry.
  2. Apply T-wash with a brush, and allow it to work for 5>10 minutes.
  3. The Galvanised chassis will turn a very dark grey / black once the process is complete.
  4. Wash the chassis clean thoroughly with fresh clean water, and again- allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. If any areas do not turn very dark grey / Black then repeat the process above to re treat the galvanised steel.
  6. You are now ready to paint your chassis in Rust Encapsulator or DTM, or almost any metal paint buzzweld sell.

Please see GIO Galve In One for a paint that doesn’t need this process.

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Whats the difference between T-wash, Galv prep & Mordant Solution?

The products are different names for the same thing. Its an acidic etching solution to allow paint to adhere to galvanised steel.

How do I T-wash my galvanised chassis?

there are a few steps to t-wash a galvanised chassis. T-wash acid needs a clean chassis to work. Step 1 is to degrease the chassis. We recommend FxDegreaser for this. apply the degreaser, work in with a brush and wash off. Allow the chassis to dry. Step 2 is to apply the t-wash by brush, allow it to sit for 5>10 minutes until the chassis turns black. Once it has turned black, wash it off with clean water and allow to dry. At this point you can paint the chassis with a good quality primer like Rust Encapsulator Primer, or a Direct to metal paint like Buzzweld DTM

How do I clean my brushes after I have applied t-wash

To clean brushes from use after T-washing rinse them in clean water and leave to dry

What is T-wash

T-wash is a pre treatment for galvanised steel. often referred to as an etching wash, T-wash prepares the surface for painting with products suitable for normal steel priming such as high quality primers, and etches.

What happens if I use normal paint on Galvanised steel?

Standard paint will not adhere to galvanised steel and will flake off. You need to use a specialist coating such as GIO Galv in One, or use a T-wash followed by a high quality primer.

What colour is T-wash?

T-wash is blue. When it is applied to a galvanised chassis the chassis will turn from silver, to dark silver and then black. If it doesn't turn very dark grey / black, then repeat the process and/ or try additional degreasing.

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T-wash, Galv prep, Mordant Solution

T-wash, Galv prep, Mordant Solution 1000ml

£10.00£11.00 (-9%)

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