Underbody Chassis Paint Kit Builder

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Approximation guide for underbody rustproofing.

This guide assumes. Stripe coat (1L), two coats of primer, two coats of top coat. Volume dictated is for one product, so primer or top coat. e.g. 1L stripe coat, 4L Primer, 4L Top coat

Use the below as a minimum guide. Table does not cover products being thinned and atomised i.e. through a HVLP gun, where you would need more product and more coats.

Container Coverage guide
Tiny vehicle - Classic Mini / smart car- no chassis, includes arches
Small vehicle - 1 series / fiesta no chassis, includes arches. Small 4x4 Chassis & axles - Jimny
Medium vehicle - 3 series / Escort no chassis, includes arches. Medium 4x4 Chassis & axles, D90, SWB
Large Vehicle - 5 series / Mondeo no chassis, includes arches. Large 4x4 chassis & axles D110, Hilux
Luxury size - 7 series, American import, no chassis, includes arches. V Large 4x4 chassis & axles D130, Landcruiser
Small 4x4 Chassis, Underbody and axles
Medium 4x4 Chassis, Underbody and axles
Large 4x4 Chassis, Underbody and axles
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Underbody Chassis Paint Kit Builder

Use this kit builder do build a customised paint kit for your vehicle underbody / chassis. Discounts are built in, so the more you order the cheaper it gets, You should first consult the Coverage guide and select your vehicle type. Then you will know how much you need. After this choose your products.


What is a stripe coat?

A stripe coat is adding an additional layer of paint to vulnerable areas such as edges, welds, threads and more. Anywhere where paint would thin when applied. then you would apply your primer and top coat normally. this helps even out the paint thickness and makes the coatings last a lot longer.

Which Stripe coat should i choose?

Removing rust> super zinc 68, on a budget Rust-prime, Best 2K Epoxy Armour, most versatile and all round product Rust Encapsulator,

Which Primer is best?

Removing rust / on a budget> super zinc 68, Rough / rusty / Best 2K Epoxy Armour, most versatile and all round product Rust Encapsulator,

Which top coat is best?

I would choose the top coat based on the finish and how you want to apply it.

How much do I need?

Please see the product coverage guide to decide how much paint you need to use.

What else do i need to protect my chassis?

You need to prepare it with ideally an angle sanding kit, and you may want a compressor, brushes, spray gun, and masking products.

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Underbody Chassis Paint Kit Builder

£20.00£20.00 (-100%)

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