Ultra Black Basecoat Multi-Mix


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Product Description

Ultra Black Basecoat

MULTI-BASE Ultra Jet Black. This black is a very deep black with no blue or red tones to it. It’s just a straight deep black.

This black makes for great custom work or just general black paint jobs. This basecoat also features great covering power with full coverage in just 2 coats.

Available sizes: 1L, 400ML aerosol*

*Aerosols use genuine Multi-Mix Ultra Black Basecoat in a Buzzweld Aerosol.


How many coats of Ultra Black Basecoat do I need to use?

In most cases two coats of Ultra Black Basecoat are sufficient

What is the thinning ratio of Ultra Black Basecoat?

Ultra Black Basecoat uses a 1:1 mix of thinner. You can use Buzzweld Multi-Thinner, or 2K Multi-thinner

What is the flash-off time for Ultra Black Basecoat?

Ultra Black Basecoat needs a minimum 5 minutes between coats, and 10 minutes prior to baking.

What viscosity does Ultra Black Basecoat need?

Your looking for a viscosity of 16>18 seconds for Ultra Black Basecoat

How do I spray Ultra Black Basecoat?

To spray Ultra Black Basecoat use 2 bar pressure at the gun, using a 1.2 or 1.3 tip size. Always set the gun prior to painting to adjust to you.

Should i lacquer Ultra Black Basecoat?

All basecoats should be sealed with a lacquer. Ultra Black Basecoat included.

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Aerosol 400ml, Tin 1000ml

TINT Colour


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Ultra Black Basecoat

Ultra Black Basecoat Multi-Mix


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