VHT Temperature boosting Primer Aerosol 500ML

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Zinc rich VHT primer for up to 350C of corrosion protection.

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Primer Designed to Boost the temperature tolerance of VHT above 200C and to minimise heat effects on colour by providing isolation of the colour from heat source.

Temperature tolerance will be raised to a peak of 250C for short durations, with damage occuring around 290C.

Exposure time, DFT (dry film thickness) and environment will affect the maximum achievable, and sustainable rating.

VHT colour rating remains at 200C actual, but the isolation above means the VHT can tolerant a higher temperature source than otherwise.


Apply in several light coats.

Allow to thoroughly dry prior to application of top coat.

Designed for steel but will adhere to keyed up aluminum.


  • 1 aerosol will do four large calipers or drums. Lorry brakes 1 aerosol per axle (brakes)

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VHT Temperature boosting Primer Aerosol 500ML